25 Nov 2010

Receiver/grabber improvements on VLF

Just received a special build of Spectran from Alberto I2PHD that keeps the same filename for captured grabber images. This means I can now use Spectran with my VLF grabber. This is fired up from time to time when people are doing VLF tests. It will also allow me to look for my own signal at home when I am out transmitting in the Fens locally some kms from home. I find Spectran easier to use than Spectrum Lab, which is a clever program but complicated for someone like me to configure.

I have also rebuilt the 4-5W beacon TX on 8.76kHz and given it a 1 hour continuous soak test. There is a video about this on my YouTube channel.

My next job is to work on a permanent VLF E-field probe outdoors and to make improvements to the receiving system for field use. I need a better preamp/filter that can also be used with earth electrode receiving antennas as well as the loop and E-field whips.

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