31 Dec 2023

Something for nothing

Like many, I like the idea of getting something for nothing. 

This circuit was on the website of KE3IJ some years ago. I think the website is no longer there. 

The same idea might even work with a microwatt beacon?

Grandsons - NOT amateur radio

We have two grandsons in their mid teenage years. They grow up so fast. Of course when they get together they are as daft as can be!!

New Year Resolutions - NOT amateur radio

As 2023 draws to a close, many make resolutions for the new year ahead, as well a going on diets to try to loose some of the weight gained over Christmas!

The only thing that is certain is 2024 will have some surprises! I often try some resolutions but these usually fade away as the year progresses.

In many ways, the world has become more uncertain looking ahead. There are wars in Ukraine, Gaza for a start and growing tension over Taiwan. The USA seems to be losing its grip as a powerful world player and, of course, 2024 is likely to be an election year in the USA between two old men.

All I wish is that everyone can live in peace with each other and is able to be kind and happy. 

10m QRPP 500uW WSPR TX (Sunday)

My 500uW WSPR TX beacon was turned on at about 1012z. No spots . 

UPDATE 1535z: Spotted in the Canary Islands again.

8m QRP FT8 (Sunday)

My 8m QRP 2.5W to the dipole was turned on about 1013z.

Via the QSL bureau I (unexpectedly) received QSLs from Slovenia and Croatia for 8m FT8. I shall QSL back direct .... although I shall have to make some cards first!

UPDATE 1335z:  No spots today on RX or TX.

Plans for Sunday

 Today, I shall try 500uW 10m WSPR again and 8m QRP FT8.

Sunspots - Sunday December 31st

Solar flux is 140 and the SSN 48. A=4 and K=1. 

With the SSN at 48 I wonder if this is just a "blip" or the start of a long decline? 

In the past "appliance operators" keen on working new DXCC entities have been too keen to abandon the higher HF bands. I hope with FT8 they will not be too hasty. 

Often bands are open, but there are too few people on to enjoy them! Just listen on 27 MHz CB.  My plan is to run 5W FT8 on several higher HF bands as an experiment as long as I am able. This will be a very good use of my tiny QDX transceiver.

30 Dec 2023

FT818 replacement?

There is much speculation that the now old FT817/818 Yaesu had been discontinued about a possible successor. When it was first introduced it had no competition. These days there are many competitors, so Yaesu may decide not to bother.

One of the competitors is the DX Explorer TX-500. This is available from MLS. I have no idea where this is made, but it is rugged and feature rich.

As a Yaesu fan I would consider a new Yaesu portable at the right price and with the right features. Sorry, but in recent years I think Yaesu has been reactive rather than proactive. They will have a tough time unless there are some "killer" applications.

Where my ancestors lived - NOT amateur radio


We can trace our family history back to about 1550 here continuously. We have one record in this area from the early 1400s. We were probably here thousands of years ago. This is Hope Cove in Devon.

6m FT8 QRP (Saturday)

Just a local spotting is me today so far.

UPDATE 1533z: 
14 stations have spotted me. Some possible winter Es in evidence.

10m QRPP WSPR (Saturday)

My 500uW WSPR is on , but no spots today.

UPDATE  1130z:  Already a spot of my 500uW in the Canary Is..

Sunspots - Saturday December 30th

Solar flux is 143 and the SSN 92. A=6 and K=2.

29 Dec 2023

Shetland sun - NOT amateur radio

This was posted recently on 365project (a photo a day) by a friend who lives in Shetland. In the winter, the nights are long and the days short. I think a special person lives up here!  Obviously the opposite is true in the summer!

10m QRPP WSPR TX (Friday)

My 500uW (0.5mW) 10m WSPR TX has been on since 0800z. At 1010z, 4 spots already from the Canary Is by EA8BFK (2880km) and EA8/DF4UE (2876km).

UPDATE 1415z: 10 spots of my 10m 500uW WSPR today in 3 countries. Incredible.  Some of these reports suggest even weaker might have been successful.

6m QRP FT8

My gear was turned on at 0800z.  At 1016z just local spots.

UPDATE 1408z:   
11 spots of my 2.5W in 4 countries (see map).

Lode Water Mill - NOT amateur radio


This is an unusual view of the water mill at Anglesey Abbey near Cambridge from our Boxing Day walk.

Friday plans

My 500uW 10m WSPR TX will continue and I shall continue on 6m FT8 as this was encouraging yesterday. I may try 8m later.

Sunspots - Friday December 29th

 Solar flux is 147 and the SSN 83. A=3 and K=1.

28 Dec 2023

Flower - NOT amateur radio


We saw this on our Boxing Day walk. I think it is a Calendula.

See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Calendula .

10m QRPP WSPR TX (Thursday)

 My 500uW (0.5mW) TX WSPR beacon is on 10m again, but no spots today at 0941z.

UPDATE 1714z:  No spots all day.

6m QRP FT8 (Thursday)

Looking at my Facebook memories today, I noticed that I monitored 6m FT8 a few years ago and was spotted by several stations by mid-winter Es. So, I have decided to try 50.313MHz FT8 with my 2.5W and V2000 vertical omni. At 0925z, just one G spotting me with a couple of stations received including a station in Brittany, France.

UPDATE 1224z:   Several G spots of me. Best DX on RX was a station in Germany.

UPDATE 1500z:   There looks to be some winter Es about. I have been spotted by 10 stations and have spotted stations on 6m FT8 as far as southern France.

UPDATE 1717z:
12 stations spotted my QRP 6m FT8 today with the furthermost OH1MN (1633km). See map.

UPDATE 1902z: 14 stations have spotted me including 3 in Scandinavia, presumably by winter Es.

Plans for Thursday

My 10m QRPP 500uW WSPR tests will continue but I may try a new band on QRP FT8.

630m QRP overnight

A disappointing night with just 6 stations spotting me. Certainly in the UK it was very windy and this may have put off some with high antennas.

Sunspots - Thursday December 28th

 Solar flux is 149 and the SSN 78. A=4 and K= 0.

27 Dec 2023

630m QRP WSPR (Wednesday)

At 1620z, my QRP 630m WSPR was turned on. As usual 10mW ERP from the earth-electrode "antenna" in the ground.

UPDATE 2025z:
5 stations have spotted me. Furthermost PA0LSB/V (326km).

8m QRP FT8 (Wednesday)

 Although I have been on most of the day, not a single spot on TX or RX.

10m QRPP WSPR TX (Wednesday)

My 500uW (0.5mW)  WSPR TX tests continue. Today, I was spotted by DF1VB (506km) . At this tiny power I have been spotted by 4 stations on 3 continents. I have been amazed by these results.

Winter jasmine - NOT amateur radio


On our walk yesterday, we saw this bush laden with winter jasmine. It can look splendid at this time of year

630m QRP WSPR overnight

Ten stations spotted my 10mW ERP 630m WSPR overnight. No great DX, but more active stations than I was expecting just after Christmas.

2200m activity

 Apart from an unsuccessful test last year with my CW beacon, I have not tried TX this LF band. As my only suitable antenna is my earth-electrode "antenna" in the ground, I am rather hampered with my poor health. It is this or nothing.

Some years ago, I made a video of my LF transverter.

At some point I must repeat my test with my 2200m CW beacon.

Rally on Thursday

The following rally is due to take place this Thursday. Check if travelling a long way.

Thursday Dec 28th - Sparkford Wireless Group Tabletop Rally in aid of RAIBC, West Camel near Yeovil, BA22 7QX.  Contact wjh069@gmail.com .

Sunspots - Wednesday December 27th 2023

 Solar flux is 154 and the SSN 94. A=5 and K=1.

26 Dec 2023

630m QRP WSPR (Tuesday)

This evening, I expect to be on 630m WSPR with my 10mW ERP from my earth-electrode "antenna" in the ground.

UPDATE 1800z: 
In the last few weeks, the stations on the map have been spotted on 630m WSPR RX.

UPDATE 1824z:   
6 stations have spotted me in the last 12 hours (see table).

8m QRP FT8 tomorrow (Wednesday)

All being well, I hope to be on 40.680MHz FT8 (DF about 1950Hz) with my 2.5W and dipole tomorrow (Wednesday). I should be on from just after breakfast.

Winter walk - NOT amateur radio (Tuesday)

On Christmas Day the weather was dull, but Boxing Day (the day after Christmas) was cold and sunny, so we went for a walk to burn off a few of the Christmas excesses. We walked around the village of Lode, near Cambridge.

10m 500uW (0.5mW) WSPR TX (Tuesday)

My 500uW 10m WSPR TX continues. EA8BFK (2880km) has spotted me twice today.

630m QRP WSPR overnight

My 10mW ERP WSPR from the earth-electrode "antenna" in the ground was spotted by 10 stations overnight with the furthermost SM6BOC (1054km).

Sunspots - Tuesday December 26th 2023

 Solar flux is 167 and the SSN 98.  A=4 and K=1.

25 Dec 2023

Christmas Cava - NOT amateur radio

This is one of our sons opening the Cava this Christmas.

Pigged out - NOT amateur radio

 Like many, I am getting over the Christmas feast.

 Some are unable to feast this Christmas. Let’s hope 2024 brings peace and happiness to all. 

War has no place here in the 21st century 

On 630m QRP WSPR (Christmas Day)

My 630m QRP WSPR is currently active. As usual it is 10mW ERP from the earth-electrode "antenna" in the ground.

UPDATE 2021z: 
I shall stay on overnight. 7 stations have spotted me today.

10m 500uW (0.5mW) TX WSPR (Monday)

After being received yesterday in the Canary Is on 10m QRPP WSPR by 2 stations, my 500uW beacon is on now, whilst Christmas dinner is prepared!

UPDATE  1057z:  Already spotted today by EA8BFK (2880km) at 0836z. Amazing!

UPDATE 1722z: No further spots.

630m QRP WSPR overnight


In all 9 stations spotted me overnight. Not bad for Christmas Eve. 

Very old photo 1838 - NOT amateur radio

Sorry, but I do not know where this copy of an 1838 photo comes from. It is one of the earliest photos ever made. 

Imagine if we had had photos 200 years earlier!

Sunspots - Christmas Day

 Firstly a very happy Christmas to all readers. Solar flux is 183 and the SSN 113. A=9 and K=1.

24 Dec 2023

630m QRP WSPR (Sunday)

 My gear (10mW ERP) was turned on at about 1730z.

UPDATE 1740z:  2 spots so far.

Shetland sun - NOT amateur radio

This photo was posted on 365project recently by a friend. It can be very windy on Shetland.

Yesterday's birthday celebrations - NOT amateur radio

Yesterday, I mentioned that I was 21 and quite a bit. 

It was relaxing day at home with the wind blowing outside.

10m 500uW WSPR TX (Sunday)

My 500uW (0.5mW) 10m WSPR transmissions continue. So far today, no spots.

UPDATE 1223z:  No spots.

UPDATE 1720z:  2 spots from stations in the Canary Is at 500uW (0.5mW).

40m QRP FT8

Yesterday I matched, using my z-match, the coax going to my 2m big-wheel antenna and was amazed by the spots. With 2.5W FT8 I was spotted by 255 stations including 2 in the USA.

Sunspots- Sunday December 24th 2023

Solar flux is 174 and the SSN 123. A=6 and K=1.

23 Dec 2023

40m QRP WSPR (Saturday)

Just tried loading up the coax to my 2m big-wheel antenna via my z-match on 40m (7.074MHz). 18 spots of me already after about 10 minutes.

UPDATE 1612z:
  24 stations have spotted my 40m QRP FT8 so far.

Born in a stately home - NOT amateur radio

After WW2, this was a nursing home for some years. It was here that I was born a long time ago.  It has been converted to retirement flats.

So, I can truthfully say I was born in a stately home even though we lived in a modest council house at the time!!

30m QRP FT8 (Saturday)

Using 2.5W to my V2000 vertical via my z-match tuner, I am giving 30m FT8 a try.

UPDATE 1447z: Plenty of spots of me. It also loads up on 20m where my 2.5W is being widely spotted.

I think with this z-match, I can load up random wires and coax outers on most HF bands.

The map shows the 71 spots of me on 30m 2.5W FT8 by mid-afternoon. Oh yes, it works.

UPDATE 1552:  Spotted by 125 stations on 30m QRP FT8  - too easy!

10m 500uW WSPR experiment continued (Saturday)

My 500uW (0.5mW) 10m WSPR TX experiment is continuing. 

UPDATE 1219z:  No spots today.

UPDATE 1454z:  Spotted in the Canary Is - amazing for 500uW WSPR! 

Soldering - hard now

 A few minutes ago, I was intending to go on 8m QRP FT8, but I noticed the high SWR. 

The problem is the coax plug. I attempted to fix it, but the soldering is now so much harder, so I have stopped for now. I shall have another go after lunch. 

This is a combination of poorer fine motor skills and eyesight. To think 50 years ago this would be so trivial!! I shall do it, but it takes longer nowadays.

Birthday - NOT amateur radio

Today I am 21 and quite a bit!  A few years ago I would have qualified for a free TV licence!

My wife is cooking pheasant.

Conspicuous silence?

My speculation a few days ago about a possible successor to the FT-817/818 met with silence. I guess Yaesu is looking at ICOM, the KX2/3 and the Chinese and wondering if they should bother. If I was Yaesu, I'd be thinking twice. 

They need to come out (if they do) with a "killer" QRP product that everyone wants with some very unique features. 

On performance these last few years I have my doubts. They are capable of doing some excellent products, but seem to be floundering in recent years. At one time they were market leaders. Nowadays they are market followers trying to catch up.

630m WSPR overnight


In all, 10 stations spotted my 10mW ERP 630m WSPR from the earth-electrode "antenna" in the ground overnight.

Sunspots - Saturday December 23rd 2023

 Solar flux is 187 and the SSN 157. A=4 and K=1.

22 Dec 2023

Low cost HF transceiver

Just now I noticed a uSDX 8 band QRP HF transceiver, with internal battery for just over £150 on Amazon. Less battery, it is about £20 less expensive. 

I am slightly nervous of Chinese products as these may not have CE approval and might have import duty to pay. I also think the Chinese have some way to go on quality control.

630m QRP WSPR (Friday)

My 10mW ERP 630m WSPR from the earth-electrode "antenna" in the ground was turned on about 1650z. Just G8LCO (58km) spotting me so far.

UPDATE 1709z :   G4FFC (45km) also spotting me.

8m QRP FT8 (Friday)

 My 2.5W FT8 to the dipole was turned on at about 1015z.

UPDATE 1049z:  No spots.

UPDATE 1545z:   Spotted by MM0AMW (523km) on the Mull of Kintyre. I think this is a new person monitoring 8m.

Ely snack lunch

On Wednesday, we ate at the Almonry restaurant in Ely. This is next to Ely Cathedral and has been serving food since the 1200s - that is some time!! Thankfully, the food was fresh and not that old. It is hard to imagine who was eating here back in the 1200s. I guess it was an alms house back then, giving alms to the poor.

630m QRP WSPR overnight

8 stations spotted my 10mW ERP  630m ERP WSPR from the earth-electrode "antenna" in the ground overnight.

Level crossing - NOT amateur radio

We cross this every time we go to Ely. It’s rare to be held up by a train. This time, we were held up both going to, and coming from, Ely.  Years ago this was very uneven and this made our younger grandson laugh.

This train is probably bound for Felixstowe, which is a very large container port, probably the biggest in the UK.

10m 500uW (0.5mW) WSPR tests continues (Friday)

My 500uW WSPR TX is still on today. Just maybe, somebody will spot me?

UPDATE 1546z:  No spots.

Sunspots - Friday December 22nd 2023

 Solar flux is 194 and the SSN 138.  A=5 and K=1.

21 Dec 2023

630m QRP WSPR (Thursday)

My 10mW ERP 630m WSPR from the earth-electrode "antenna" in the ground was turned on at about 1615z.

UPDATE 1904z: 2 stations have spotted me. Last night I was on 160m QRP FT8, but this evening I am back on 630m QRP WSPR.

UPDATE 2130z:  4 spots so far this evening.

10m 500uW WSPR TX (Thursday)

My QRPP 10m WSPR experiment continues. At 1037z, no spots of me received.

UPDATE 1626z:  No spots of me.

8m FT8 (Thursday)

My 2.5W 8m FT8 was turned on after breakfast. 

UPDATE 1645z:  No spots today. Now QSYed to 630m QRP WSPR.

160m QRP FT8 overnight

Stations spotting my 160m 2.5W FT8

Using my 2.5W 160m FT8 and the earth-electrode "antenna" in the ground I was widely spotted across Europe by 113 stations. On 160m FT8 RX the furthermost was K1ZM (5238km).

Sunspots - Thursday December 21st 2023

 Solar flux is 195 and the SSN 133.  A=11 and K=0.

20 Dec 2023

160m QRP FT8 (Wednesday)

 For a change, I am on 160m QRP FT8 (2.5W) using the earth-electrode "antenna" in the ground.

UPDATE 1750z:  8 spots of my 2.5W FT8 160m TX already including Germany and Switzerland.

UPDATE 2045z:  40 spots of my 2.5W FT8 this evening so far.  Surprisingly effective. 

UPDATE 2238z: 
 64 spots of me this evening so far with 160m 2.5W FT8 using the earth-electrode "antenna"  in the ground (see map). It certainly works!

8m QRP FT8 (Wednesday)

On returning from Ely, I went on 8m QRP FT8.

UPDATE 1715z:  No 8m spots today.

Ely - NOT amateur radio

We went to Ely earlier today. This included eating in the Almonry restaurant that has been serving food since the 1200s. The food is fresh (not from the 1200s!).  

The collage is of Ely Cathedral.


My latest SPRAT magazine has just come. The winter edition usually comes about now.

I have said this very many times, but if all other magazines had to close, I hope SPRAT would survive as it is filled with good QRP projects and news. 

It is put together by volunteers and comes out every quarter as an A5 colour magazine. It is excellent value. Back issues are available on a flash drive. It is worth it for this alone!

It is my ethos entirely.

See https://www.gqrp.com/ .

2m activity contest (UKAC)

The results of this friendly contest have been published  In the low power section I was 75th out of 172 using 10W PEP for less than an hour each time to the omni big-wheel antenna and the Cambridge Club was 37th (to which I give my points). This is one of the few occasions I use my voice.

10m 500uW WSPR TX test continued (Thursday)

 My 10m WSPR RX beacon with the PA off is turned on. 

UPDATE 1720z:  No spots.

Old friends - NOT amateur radio

Last night we had a knock on the door and we assumed it was our grandson. In fact it was friends who used to live in our village years ago, We had not seen them for a very long time so it was a nice surprise.

630m QRP WSPR overnight

Maybe it is because people are away from home for the Christmas/New Year holidays, but there were fewer spots on 630m WSPR than previously overnight.

FT-817/818 replacement?

Since before the peak of the last solar cycle (24), I have been speculating about Yaesu launching a replacement to the flagship FT-817/818 series. As most know, these are QRP, all band, all mode, portables. The same basic rig has been around since about the year 2000. Worldwide, it has been very successful.

The Facebook FT-818 user group and QRPer website talk about the FT-818 being discontinued.  Yaesu has all the things it needs to do a good replacement.: an SDR RX architecture, DSP technology, LiIon battery packs, and auto ATU design, speech processing etc..  They could even use the same case!!  It needs to be a market disruptor with unique selling points. The IC-705 has no auto ATU or 2m and 70cm bands. Could they consider a "killer" app that really makes people want one? It is also not a real handheld.  My puzzlement is why has a replacement not appeared already? 

There is a great danger of Yaesu missing the boat (yet again) as sunspots decline. This, as a QRPer, at the right price and spec, is the one rig I might consider for a trade-in.  At the right price and spec, this could be Yaesu's saviour, but they need to launch very soon.

Does anyone have any inside knowledge? Spec, launch date, etc..

UPDATE 2055z:  No inputs yet from anyone.

UPDATE 2110z: I took look at the Yaesu Japan website. All they could manage was the 2011 catalogue!! Does not fill one with confidence. If they want to make profits, you would think they would have a 2023 catalogue at least! Come on Yaesu - wake up!!

See https://qrper.com/2023/01/if-yaesu-designed-an-ft-818-replacement-what-would-you-like-to-see/

Sunspots - Wednesday December 20th 2023

 Solar flux is 179 and the SSN 144. A=12 and K=3.

19 Dec 2023

630m QRP WSPR (Tuesday)

My 10mW ERP 630m WSPR gear was turned on at about 1710z. So far, just one spot.

Lighter evenings - NOT amateur radio

 Although here the mornings continue to get darker for a few more weeks, from tonight it starts to get lighter at night. By the end of the month it is about 9 minutes lighter. A corner has been turned.

Immediate plans

For a very long time, I have owned an SDR dongle. One of the things I really must do this next few weeks is to get this set-up. 

My birthday is just before Christmas and my XYL (well actually me!!) got me a manual QRP ATU. I shall use this to try WSPR or FT8 on some different bands.

The USA in decline? No - NOT amateur radio

This appeared in The Knowledge today. This comes as a daily email using various sources for this news compendium. As far as I can tell, it is pretty neutral.

" Most Americans think their country is in decline,” says Fareed Zakaria in Foreign Policy. The share who are “satisfied” with the way the country is going has not risen above 50% in 20 years; today it stands at a miserable 20%. Donald Trump won in 2016 by capturing this mood and preaching “doom and gloom”. Now he’s at it again – three months before entering the 2024 presidential race, he released a video titled “A Nation in Decline”. The Biden administration isn’t much better, blaming decades of globalisation for “hollowing out” American industry and exporting manufacturing jobs. The suggestion is that poor old Americans need protecting with epically expensive subsidies and stiff tariffs.

Yet for all the talk of “dysfunction and decay”, the reality is that American supremacy has never been greater. In 1990, US per capita income was 17% higher than Japan’s and 24% higher than Western Europe’s. Today, it’s 54% and 32% higher respectively. The US economy was roughly the same size as the Eurozone’s in 2008; today, it is nearly twice the size. Nine of the 10 most valuable firms in the world are American, up from only four in 1989, and the US is the world’s largest producer of oil and gas. As for the industries of the future, American AI startups have attracted six times more venture funding than their Chinese equivalents. Why don’t we hear more about any of that? If Washington keeps turning inward, tyrants will be emboldened and the rest of the world will suffer. The only danger to American dominance is the myth that it’s on the wane."

Christmas food - NOT amateur radio

At this time of year we make lots of minced pies and savoury tarts. I am responsible for rolling the pastry (the secret is to roll it very thin!) and doing the savoury tarts. All these go very very quickly. The savoury tarts have mushrooms, tomatoes and onion plus a small amount of chutney topped with cheese. Some have ham too.

500uW 10m WSPR TX tests continued (Tuesday)

Today I decided to continue my 500uW (0.5mW) WSPR TX tests on 10m. No spots today at 0945z.

UPDATE 1527z:  No spots today.

8m QRP FT8 (Tuesday)

 Yesterday was a surprise with 2 spots of my 2.5W QRP from the Caribbean. My QRP FT8 is already on 40.680MHz (at 0930z). Who knows what today will bring?

UPDATE 1555z:  No spots. I get the feeling there will be no spots today.

Sunspots - Tuesday December 19th 2023

 Solar flux is 161 and the SSN 165.  A=28 and K=2.

18 Dec 2023

Reflections on 2023 and plans for 2024

Looking back on 2023, the stand-out things are my 8m QSOs with 2.5W and a dipole with stations in the Caribbean and my 0.5mW WSPR tests on 10m.  At the moment, I have no firm plans for next year.  What is clear is that I prefer WSPR and FT8. There are several reasons.

1. My voice is poor and it is a strain to talk.

2. DXCC was worked back in the 1980s with QRP SSB on 10m. DXCC is no longer a priority.

3. I prefer experimenting to just talking with stations.

4. One-way signals (looking on the internet to see when I am being received) are as important for me than two-way QSOs.

Everyone is different and I can totally understand that working DXCC and new countries is important to some. It is just that, for me, it is no longer important. When I was fitter going out in the wilds on 481THz or VLF was good fun. These days I try to do experiments from home.

United Ireland? - NOT amateur radio

It won't happen in my lifetime, but I can see Ireland and Ulster becoming united again at some point this century. 

Power sharing has been suspended for 2 years because the DUP is not happy with the BREXIT deal. They are already the minority party. Over time, they will be even smaller as a result of the birth rate.

There will be some political fudge that ensures the Protestants in Ulster are safeguarded.

I have no strong views on this. All I want is peace and fairness for all.

8m QRP FT8 (Monday)

My 8m FT8 2.5W is currently on. No spots until 1330z (TX or RX). 

As there is a small Es peak in mid winter, there is a chance of some European spots if there are people monitoring. I suspect there are fewer people monitoring at this time of year.

UPDATE 1725z:  Surprisingly, 2 spots of my QRP 8m FT8 from the Caribbean this afternoon.

10m QRP WSPR TX (Monday)

My 500mW WSPR TX beacon is on and has already been spotted by 4 stations. The best suggests I might have been copied with the PA off.

UPDATE 1123z: I have reverted to 500uW as it was too easy at 500mW!!  😄😄

UPDATE 1730z:   No spots at 500uW.

630m QRP WSPR overnight


In all, 14 stations spotted my 10mW ERP from the earth-electrode "antenna" in the ground. No astounding DX, but it works and is invisible to XYL and neighbours.

Christmas - NOT amateur radio

Last night, we went to the Carols by Candlelight service at our local church. 

The photo shows the installation outside.

Sunspots- Monday December 18th 2023

 Solar flux is 155 and the SSN 129. A=36 and K=3.

17 Dec 2023

481 THz testing

If this photo has been on recently, please accept my apologies. 

For some reason, my XYL laughs when this appears. As a geek, I cannot understand why!  😉

It is some time since I did any serious work at optical frequencies. With the dark evenings I really should try.

Lighter evenings - NOT amateur radio

Although mornings get darker for longer for a couple more weeks, the nights start to get a bit lighter from this week. This actually starts before the winter solstice here. By the end of January this is almost an hour more light in the evening.

Every season has something great. At this time of year it is drawing the curtains and enjoying the fire. Come summer I'd be watering the garden and cutting the grass!

Open house - NOT amateur radio

 Just before Christmas,we like to have neighbours around for drinks and nibbles. It’s a happy gathering.

630m QRP WSPR (Sunday)

 Today I stayed on 630m WSPR in the daytime. 4 UK stations have spotted me

10m QRP WSPR TX (Sunday)

With 500mW (as opposed to 0.5mW) there is no problem in getting plenty of spots.. I think it was 16 stations today at the last count.

UPDATE 1705z:
  30 stations have spotted my 500mW 10m WSPR TX today.

Giant millipede - NOT amateur radio

These lived millions of years ago (thank goodness!!) and were bigger than humans. 

Imagine doing the weeding and seeing this!

Sunspots- Sunday December 17th 2023

 Solar flux is 149 and the SSN 163. A=14 and K=4.

16 Dec 2023

630m QRP WSPR (Saturday)


So far, 9 stations have spotted me this evening.

Where I was brought up as a child - NOT amateur radio

This is where I was brought up as a child. Salcombe, Devon.