28 Sept 2022

Sputnik Day 2011

11 years ago, some colleagues and I made a TX based on Sputnik valves. Although it was only 400mW QRP, it worked the USA with the first CQ. 

1350 Window - NOT amateur radio

This is the great east window in Gloucester Cathedral. 

It was made in 1350 and was the biggest window in the world at the time. It is a great example of ancient glass. 

Gloucester Cathedral - NOT amateur radio

This is one of the finest cathedrals in the UK, although we have many fine ones! I like the link with history. People have worshipped on this site since 600ad. Whatever your beliefs may be, you can feel the history all around 

QST stray

My free PDF book got a plug in October QST I see. Please feel free to download it should you want. It is totally free. 

Sunspots - Wednesday September 28th 2022

Solar flux is 135 and the SSN 110. A=24 and K=2.

27 Sept 2022

8m GB3MCB beacon

This is being copied in Eire by EI9KP by weak tropo, but after several days I have had no sign here in East Anglia. I only have a low dipole and it is obviously too weak for tropo and with MS or aircraft, I almost certainly need more time for a decode on FT8. 

I shall try again when there is a decent MS shower, hoping the Doppler doesn't kill the FT8!


This is one of the best QRP transceivers I have ever owned. The best was the Yaesu FT7, but the IC-703 is very considerably smaller and covers more bands with speech processing and an auto ATU. Many years ago, I sold this to a local amateur, Ted  G4NUA. Ted is now a silent key sadly. He was a keen experimenter, especially with 20m WSPR.

Sunspots - Tuesday September 27th 2022

Solar flux is 135 and the SSN 120. A=6 and K=6.

26 Sept 2022

Cambridge University Church - NOT amateur radio

This is the exit from the University Church in Cambridge called Great St Mary's. It is next to the market and very near King's College Chapel. It is very central in Cambridge.

Many famous people have given sermons here. I have heard a few in years past.

Chinese lanterns - NOT amateur radio


These plants are commonly seen at this time of year and are popular in indoor displays.