8 Jun 2023

8m QRP FT8 (Thursday)

 My 8m gear (2.5W to a low dipole) has been on since just before breakfast, but no spots.

10m 500mW WSPR TX (Thursday)

My beacon has been on 10m QRP WSPR TX since just breakfast. So far, F2 in evidence but not Es. 5 unique stations spotting me so far.

Sunspots - Thursday June 8th 2023

Solar flux is 167 and the SSN 177. A=5 and K=1. 

7 Jun 2023

2m FT8 activity contest

Stations spotted on
2m FT8 to 2000z
There is a lift on 2m!  

There is an FT8 activity contest at the moment and 126 stations spotted on RX and my 2.5W to the omni has been widely copied.

UPDATE 2136z:  181 stations spotted. QRT.

Haircut time - NOT amateur radio

We have a long laurel hedge about 25m long. Every year it gets cut.  I have done the top and my son will do the sides in a few weeks. 

8m QRP FT8 (Wednesday)

Gear turned on at 0853z. No spots.

UPDATE 1326z: Just spots by HC02 (1808km) in Portugal.

UPDATE 1800z:  3 stations have spotted me on 8m QRP FT8. Most Es openings this year seem to be towards Iberia.

UPDATE 2020z:  QRT.

10m QRP WSPR TX (Wednesday)

 My W5OLF beacon was turned on at 0853z. No spots yet.

UPDATE 1148z: 30 stations have spotted me so far today. Although I know some Es signals can be strong, some reports are amazingly strong. Later this week I might try the FT817ND with an attenuator right on the output to see who still copies me at low miliwatts. I could also do this on 8m WSPR.

UPDATE 1329z:   33 stations have spotted my 500mW 10m WSPR today.

UPDATE  1810z:
36 stations have spotted me today with the furthermost PT2FHC (8860km) in Brazil.

UPDATE 2020z:  QRT about an hour ago.

European Es (Wednesday)

Early indications are that European Es is not as good as yesterday, but this can rapidly change. My current plans are 10m 500mW WSPR TX and 8m QRP FT8.

See https://www.tvcomm.co.uk/g7izu/radio-propagation-maps/europe-sporadic-e/ .

2m activity contest last evening

Last evening was the June 2023 2m activity contest (UKAC). 

Conditions were well up, but I found it very hard work with my 2.5W to the big-wheel omni. I guess this is a combination of several factors.  Firstly, my low ERP is obviously a handicap with stronger signals being copied over me. Secondly, I have a very poor voice, not cut out to "outshout" others. Thirdly, I have no compressor, so my signal lacks punch. 

In the end 6 stations were worked before I gave up. These days, I find FT8 easier as I do not need to "outshout" other stations. To be honest, I am no longer attracted to VHF/UHF voice contests.

Sunspots - Wednesday June 7th 2023

 Solar flux is 172 and the SSN 133.  A=7 and K=1.