22 Nov 2010

Looking for G3XIZ on VLF this evening

G3XIZ is transmitting with 20W to his Marconi vertical on 8.9719kHz this evening from 2000-2200z. I am looking out for his signal with my loop into both Spectrum Lab and Spectran software. You can look on my VLF grabber to see if he is visible at all over here in JO02dg. At the moment all that is visible is a wobbly 50Hz related signal and my 8.760kHz QRSS3 beacon running on a dummy load. UPDATE: nothing copied and Chris had to close because of an antenna fault at 2100z.

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Paul M0PCZ said...

Hi Roger, just seen something on tv and thought of your blog, about an American inventor called Stubblefield who transmitted AF through the ground.