16 Oct 2015

OFCOM - quango?

I'm not sure why I feel this, but I get the impression that OFCOM (and the FCC?) is filled with bureaucrats who really do not have a real grasp of radio. Certainly in the UK OFCOM has little real interest in amateur radio as it gains no revenue from the service. These days all that seems to matter is money sadly. OK we have gained a few new temporary allocations, but these are in parts of the spectrum where there are no real revenue generating opportunities yet. As soon as OFCOM sees ways of generating a revenue stream, these will go.

For the latest OFCOM pearls see: http://stakeholders.ofcom.org.uk/consultations/satellite-filings-15/statement/?utm_source=updates&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=satellite-filings-15-statement . Quango psycho-babble.

No sorry, I think OFCOM serves little real value here in the UK.

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Hugh said...

Of course you are correct.. but I don't think this situation has really changed.
To be a devil's advocate.. there were always many in RSGB/regulatory institute that cared more about their own preening and self esteem than radio... you know the type..
the enamel badges, RSGB tie etc.. but didn't know how to wire a plug.
In fact, I think this has got slightly better in recent years.

At least OFCOM are fairly relaxed about band allocation in HF, as their attention is now of course to the lucrative VHF/UHF bands where the big money is.
In France and Germany, the regulatory authority is far more mired in paperwork and bureaucracy... be glad things happen quite quickly and easily in the UK.
(France has no 60m band, only recent 6m allocation and LF/MF bands..it was only a few years ago that above 7.1MHz was allowed).
Be happy! The UK regulatory authorities are quite relaxed!