16 Oct 2015

Even more Sputniks

More on Sputnik tests...
"Dear Oleg,

I have the same experience...
I used both my Vanguard 40 mW tx and the 1P24 Sputnik tx when I was at the fort but no QSO, no response.

Tomorrow and Sunday Ger, PA3GKX and I will be showing what CW can do on the Fort-Island Pampus using two Pixies to send and receive but only over a short distance for demostration to children that (I hope in large numbers) will visit us. Yesterday we arranged the tables, light etc in one of the rooms and put up a dipole. When time permits we will be QRV with an old army-radio AN/GRC9 on 40 or 30 metres as PA6FAP but I know that most of the time will be used to show how to "send" morse code to old DOS-computers that can decode what is sent with a straight key... A challenge that beats any tablet or iPhone, I can assure you.

On 20 October I will be giving a presentation about the "Sputnik days" in one of the local club meetings, showing all details I collected and of course the transmitters I have used so it seems more true than I expected: Get retired and find out that you have even less spare-time...

72/73 and keep beeping and VVV-ing.

Peter - PA0PJE"

"Dear Space Friends,
New Cosmonaut Alexander US5EVD informed: October 15 he repaired valve
TX  and called CQ on 3560 kHz. EW6FA called Alex but QSO not finished
because battery discharged, sorry. Alex going to try PSU today.
Only two days before Sputnik Days finish, I looking for any comments.

72! beep-beep-beep...
Deep Space Communications Center
operator on duty -
Oleg ("Mr. 72") RV3GM / KH6OB"

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