18 Oct 2008

Heard of the FLEA yet? (Ultra simple rig)

http://ea3fxf.googlepages.com/flea has details of the superbly elegant rig from EA3FXF. Basically this is a simple QRP TX converted into a neat transceiver. The link has lots of information on this rig including a PCB layout and a SPICE (electronic simulation) file. There is also a Google Group on this little beauty although the correspondance is in Spanish. A full article on the FLEA is available at http://ea3fxf.googlepages.com/SPRAT-FLEA.doc . I think Eduardo and Joan must have prepared a SPRAT (G-QRP club mag) article.

Excellent stuff Eduardo, EA3GHS, and Joan, EA3FXF - a wonderful addition to the "ultra simple transceiver" line!

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