14 Oct 2008

2nd QSO with FETer 80m micro transceiver

This morning I had a second QSO with the FETer 80m CW "micro rig" which uses just 14 parts in total plus earpiece and morse key. The QSO was with M0DRK in the village and the report again S9 suggesting contacts at further distances are certainly possible. I would welcome skeds with stations between 10-30 miles from my QTH (JO02DG in East Cambs) to check daytime range.

This is SUCH fun and proves that solid, reliable contacts can be made with next to nothing. In all, the parts cost about £5.


Anonymous said...


I love it! Well done, OM!

73 es 72,
Mike, AA1TJ

Roger G3XBM said...

Thanks for the kind feedback Mike.

M1KTA said...


Just managed a qso with you from JO02bd me at 0.5W to a completely unresonant antenna from FT817. Amazing for 18mW. Setting up ARGO to capture the signals next time as it can be read (or would be if I knew cw well enough). rst 316 the 6 because I had to add DSP to get rid of fish phone, otherwise would be 319.

I will build a new step attenuator as the 1mW level I could produce was clearly too low for you to hear my signal.