19 May 2008

Through the ground communications?

Anyone experimented with "through the ground" (earthmode) communications using audio amplifiers and grounded electrodes? I have done this in the past with limited success but never used more than a few watts at 1kHz. These days with ultra-narrowband digital modes like QRSS, PSK31 ad PSK16 coupled with waterfall displays ranges should be quite respectable. My best DX was 0.3kms but I imagine this could be at least doubled using modern DSP techniques. There is some info on this on my website http://www.g3xbm.co.uk


George said...

Hi there, yes the company I work for makes Thru Ground/water data systems for Oil Wells they are now adding voice features to the basic system, range is 1 to 3 km (situation dependant) and is one of the latest designs using DSSS technology. The units are robust, small and uses loop and earth methods. Contact them at www.improtechnics.com or mail them info@improtechnics.co.uk

Unknown said...

Hi, I'm very interested in what you say, but cannot find much online for improtechnics. From http://www.ukdata.com/numbers/SC335741.html they appear to be in business, but perhaps have had a name change. I hope you can point me in the right direction.

Steven ee.knud [at] gmail.com