19 May 2008

Inter-G 10m DXing

Some years ago the RSGB arranged some evening 10m activity periods during a quiet part of the sunspot cycle. It was fascinating to see how far one could work on 10m around the country even with QRP SSB/CW. Contacts from here in East Cambridgeshire regularly extended to as far away as Yorkshire even with just a sloping wire dipole or CB half-wave antenna only. Contacts were often right on the edge and CW helped. I would be happy to try skeds with others in the UK on any mode on 10m although I can only run 10w maximum. I have long thought the 10m band is much under-used for local and semi-local QSOs. It is a pity there is now less 10FM activity around 29.6MHz apart from when the band is open for DX.


G0BAK said...

Hi Roger. I used to play with 10FM many years ago. I still have the Icom 1050 that I converted back then. Of all the contacts that I made on 10FM, the one I remember was when I was mobile on the Isle of Wight, talking to a station in Scotland. I still have the Icom radio and I shall dig it out and give it a blast. I think your blog site is very good. All the best.
Bill G0BAK.

Roger G3XBM said...

Thanks Bill. I suspect the Scottish contact would have been sporadic-E. Wonder what your best tropo contacts were on 10FM?

Anonymous said...

Hi Roger,
There is a regular SSB net in Coventry on about 28.350 at around 20:30 local time on Friday evenings. I don't usually take part because I'm doing something else at the Radio Club!

de John G8SEQ.