2 Jul 2022

Echolink - SO quiet

My Echolink now works, but I realise why I lost interest. Nobody seems to be on. I tried calling through the most promising repeaters in the UK and overseas before giving up. Nobody answered. 


ken g4apb said...

If you want a chat, I have an alarm set if your call comes up on Echolink.
8m zilch again today. I run 10m and 6m as well just to prove to myself my sigs are actually leaving the antenna!
73 Ken g4apb

Anonymous said...

Should be on 8m FT8 Sunday. Roger G3XBM

Sherm said...

We have a morning (here) net every weekday at 14:00 GMT. You're welcome to check in on AE7DU-L which links to K7EFA/R
Early check ins usually start 15 minutes before the hour for those who can't stick around with the net generally lasting some 29-40 minutes from the official start time.