14 Aug 2018

"Successful" HAARP WSPR test?

Well, not in my book.

Southgate News carries news of this test using WSPR around the end of July and start of August. The report mentions the hundreds of WSPR reports from all over the USA and Canada. Using 1GW ERP this is distinctly average.

OK, apparently D-layer absorption was high on 80m, but I would have expected reports from elsewhere too.

See http://southgatearc.org/news/2018/august/successful-haarp-wspr-research-campaign.htm#.W3LXXPZFzIU

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I listened too but never heard it. Just goes to show if there is no rf path, then no amount of power will get through. I do wonder though if WSPR days are numbered as I also am finding FT8 signals far exceeding WSPR reports.

73 Ken G4APB