21 Aug 2018

More VLF experiments

Stefan DK7FC is planning more VLF tests at 17.47kHz:

"Hi VLF,

For this week, i'm planning to start with new experiments on 17.47 kHz,
where i have a (renewed) special permission to transmit.

So far the best results were a prooved carrier detection as well as a 1
character EbNaut decode by Edgar from Tasmania (VK7).

The first goal will be to determine the best time (start time and
length) on the path for this season. We have a usable path for about 2
months centered on our autun/spring time (21st SEP).

The Signal will be exported by SpecLab to simple txt files containing
the FFT data. This allows stacking, which will be required to get some
S/N at all. A reasonable stable path is essential during the
transmission time. All this will be determined by running some carrier
transmissions, a few hours per day, starting about 16 UTC.

When knowing the time to try we will attempt to transfer a 2 character
message and then even longer messages. 5 characters would be realistic i
think, with some luck and good propagation and low QRN on the RX site...

More soon.

73, Stefan"

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