30 Aug 2018

More grumpy old man - NOT amateur radio

A few weeks ago I had to ring up my car insurance firm to ask for a premium reduction. Reluctantly, they reduced the premium by just a little, despite being with them for years and never making a claim.

What infuriated me was the "could not care less" attitude by the person (English) in the UK call centre. Surely I am just the sort of customer they should want to keep? No, they make bigger profits by creeping up the premiums each year and assuming many just renew automatically. Personally, I find this totally immoral. Sadly, this seems to be the model all insurance companies work with. Needless to say I told them to get stuffed. This is business they lost and good riddance. No doubt as a new customer next year they will offer me a great deal to hook me in.

Recently, before a holiday, we tried to buy a couple of PO bonds. They promised to call us when everything was in place and money transferred from other PO accounts. Yesterday we checked on-line as we had not heard. The money was still in the original accounts! So, all money is being withdrawn and bonds set up with someone else. Their loss. Yet again, no-one seems to care, which is sad. In my working life this would have resulted in the sack. You don't treat customers like dirt, never ever. Golden rule: the customer is always right. What is needed is accountability and responsibility.  Sadly this seems lacking almost everywhere. People are just numbers and those who deal with them (if not just a computer) headless morons.

What happened to the personal touch?

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