31 Aug 2018

2m FT8

Yet again, I am on 2m FT8. So far, this is just RX, although I shall probably call CQ (2.5W) later. So far, in the last half day, 25 stations in 9 countries spotted on 2m FT8 RX with the big-wheel omni. Best DX is DD7DAC (518km) in JO31 square.
UPDATE 2015z: A brief CQ at around 1600z was spotted by G7RAU (461km) in IN79 on the Lizard in Cornwall. On 2m FT8 RX today 51 stations in 9 countries spotted. QRT soon.
UPDATE 2038z: Just before going QRT I called CQ (2.5W).  I also worked G4RRA (298km) in Devon by FT8 when I was using 2.5W to my big-wheel omni. With FT8 anything seems possible!   In all, 5 stations spotted my callsign including G7RAU again. This must be normal everyday tropo and not aircraft reflection. It seems that well over 400km is possible with 2.5W and my big-wheel omni at any time via FT8. Amazing. At one time I would be telling my XYL about these contacts, but they are now so commonplace that I don't bother.

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