13 Oct 2015

Yaesu FT991 issues?

The price is certainly falling for this rig, but quite a few people have expressed disappointment. I cannot comment on these reports. Some are disappointed saying it is, "cheaply made".

This is a trend of our age: I have noticed that M&S underpants are now thinner and not as good. My wife recently bought a coat (not M&S) and this was thinner than the one it replaced.  No, making goods to fit a price seems to be the way things are today, rather than built to last. This says lots about our "consumer society". Things are not made to last any more: they are designed to wear out or fail so we buy new items.

This is a state of affairs that ultimately cannot last.


G1KQH said...

Socks are even worse, big toe straight through.

It's about keeping it moving on, making your spend, spend, spend!

Old Fred was always happy with his FT101, he could replace the finals and do a bit of general servicing with an oil can, who would lift the lid of one of these modern rigs today?

Happy days :-)

73 Steve

Mike M0SAZ said...

I thought the FT-991 was pretty good. The receiver was excellent and I had no issues others experienced. That said, I was worried about the longevity of the touch screen so I have "gone back" to QRP / FT-817ND and have bought two to have a spare/portable radio - saves disconnecting the base one.