13 Oct 2015

70cm UKAC contest this evening

Starting at 1900z, there is the monthly RSGB 70cm activity contest. This lasts 2.5 hours. Activity levels are usually very high during these events, although I imagine the number of portable stations drop off as the evenings get darker. As usual, I shall be using 5W pep and my 2m big-wheel horizontal omni which matches and gets out quite well on 70cm. The main limitation is my poor voice. Usually less than an hour of operating and I am "done in".

UPDATE 2000z: After a single QSO I called it a night on 70cm. I heard quite a few squares including IO90, IO91, IO92, JO02, JO03, at reasonable distances but my voice was not up for it.  The Leicester 70cm beacon was at normal strength.

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