26 Oct 2015

World Climate - NOT amateur radio

Opinions vary widely on the effect Man may be having on the climate. Some say it is mostly down to Man whereas others say the world has always gone through heating and cooling cycles.

I was interested in this NASA site as it is from the USA. Until very recently both the USA and China have denied that our climate is changing. Of late, both seem more disposed to look at the evidence.

There is little doubt in my mind that it is up to Man to help keep the rise in global temperatures within safe limits. Whether or not Man is to blame we can argue later. The world needs a co-ordinated effort. It can be done.


Anonymous said...

The Earth's climate is anything but stable. At various times in the past it has been much warmer and much colder than it is today.

Humankind's challenge is to adapt to Nature's variability and seek to benefit from it where possible. The expansion of the Grain Belt in the Northern Hemisphere promises extra food to feed the planet's rapidly growing population.

Roger G3XBM said...

I think there is good evidence that Man is having a bad effect on the climate. I hope this is not the case but the evidence suggests we ARE affecting things adversely. We also have to contend with growing deserts! Look at the data - it is not too late, but we need the USA and China to do their bits.