29 Oct 2015

Low cost QRP rigs

There is little doubt that the Elecraft KX3 is the very best QRP radio on the market, but it is very expensive here in the UK. The most popular QRP radio is the FT817 and the price of this has dropped considerably. It is rumoured that an FT817 replacement will be announced at Dayton next year. The IC703 is no longer produced and there is a scarcity of good priced QRP radios in the UK. Yes, there are a few Chinese radios appearing and there are a few QRP radios covering single bands or a very limited number of bands. I find it amazing that ICOM do not propose to market the IC7300 10W version outside of Japan or that the big Japanese companies never tried to produce an FT817 beater. It has taken Yaesu all this time to think about an FT817 successor.

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Dick said...

I really have to question the idea of marketing a new, non-kit QRP transceiver at this point of the solar cycle. If Yaesu has that in mind, with a Dayton presentation rumored, well I will be rather surprised. A model or two there with the usual wait for full production...and first-time buyer reviews. That would be late 2016, perhaps? But, who knows. I had given the KX3 some thought, but it is pricey...and I do not like rigs that are flat-format. Guess my second-hand K1 and FT-817nd will have to do.