25 Oct 2015

10m and 6m WSPR - Oct 25th 2015 - update

So far today, I have received 16 unique reports on 10m of my little 500mW WSPR beacon. Of these, 9 were from the USA.
Unique 10m WSPR spots today (but more below)
So far, 6m WSPR has been very quiet with not a single spot given or received all day.

It is still possible other stations may spot me on either band. I continue to look for others 80% of the time on 6m.

UPDATE 1752z:  K5XL (7660km),  WJ9H (6361km) as well as KD4RLD (6402km) spotting me on 10m WSPR, so now 19 unique station spots with 12 different USA stations. Much better than yesterday by a long way.

UPDATE 1935z:   The last 10m USA spot appears to have been at 1800z.

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