30 Jun 2015

Thunder risks

This next few days we are at great risk of thunder and lightning. We are in the middle of a heatwave with hot, damp air moving up from the south. As a precaution I have disconnected the 10m and 6m WSPR rigs, PC, antennas and mains plugs.

Luckily I have never suffered a lightning strike but know friends who have. One was living in a very ordinary home, was not a radio amateur or SWL, had no big antennas, but his electrics were knocked for six and ruined. Earth's natural electrical activity should always be treated with respect. I don't like thunderstorms at all.  Even if not directly hit, the power surges can cause damage.

As I write this, Greece is having bad storms according to the maps.

See http://www.lightningmaps.org/realtime?lang=en .


takis perreas said...

Even God is against us!

Anonymous said...

Then pay your way in the world and stop expecting everyone else to support you.

You've had years to get your act together, and didn't bother.

takis perreas said...

It's just a phrase my anonymous friend!
I always paid my taxes to the Greek State even when I was working in UK.
I won't be hold responsible for my compatriots silly actions.
Unfortunately their irresponsible behaviour reflects to me and my family.
I wish you well and more courage to express your opinion with your name or your call.
Anonymity and rumours made us failed state.

Anonymous said...

In Britain the people have accepted in the last few years that in order to balance the
books their pension ages have risen, VAT has increased and now have to pay larger
contributions to their pensions through the new workplace pensions schemes,and accepted
cuts in many areas.

All of the above has been proposed to the govt of Greece, but they refuse.

So Greece wants to have it's cake, have some more and refuse to pay for it.

These are simple facts.

The Greek people keep electing their govts, and are happy to represent them for these
refusals for many years. Did the Greek people question them, no, never ...

So there is no sympathy left any more, you've had your chances and blew it.

takis perreas said...

I know! I read both Greek and UK news sites and I can tell the differences! PM David Cameron told you that his plans was to increase taxes, stricter foreign policy, cuts and all. You the people trust his vision and vote for him.
Here, for the second time in 7 years, a 36% of the voters, vote for someone promising money, welfare, jobs in public sector etc. Sweet words in the ears of people hit hard from a 5 year austerity. It was pretty clear to the rest of us that the words were only lies and fake promises, but this 36% won the election and now is the Government. See at the news tonight the disastrous results as we all going from bad to worst.
We are not all syriza!

Now lets talk about radio!
Do you like homebrewing?

Roger G3XBM said...

Takis, I agree. Let us talk amateur radio.