28 Jun 2015

Hard reset time

As part of my recovery I usually do a short 5 minute walk morning and night.  When out this evening I did a "hard" reset of my 10m and 6m WSPR stations.  All power was removed, the PC (used with the FT817 on 6m) was turned off for the duration of the walk. Now home again both the 6m and 10m WSPR kits were turned on again and the whole lot sync'd to Internet time.

I hope to stay on both bands overnight, although, so far, I have not managed to catch any transatlantic Es openings. I remain hopeful. Because of the high thunder risk later in the week I may have to go QRT though, which will be a pity. Hopefully this will be a short break only.

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Unknown said...

Hi Roger,

I don't know if your location is particularly susceptible to lightning, but my equipment runs continuously whether thunderstorms are about or not. I have seen some horrendous lightning damage from when I worked on high power broadcast transmitters, but have always been fortunate at home - at least so far. I aso wanted to thank you for your reminder about the SAQ transmission on 17.2 kHz this morning. Though I was at work today I made an active aerial from a whip and an op amp, plugged it in to my laptop mic input and went up on the roof of Broadcasting House to listen in. The first TX from SAQ failed on test, due to problems at their end, but I received the second at about 25dB above the noise. Here is a link to the receiving setup.


Regards. Nick G0OQK