11 Dec 2013

IC7100 from Icom

When it comes to new 100W HF rigs the new IC7100 looks to be relatively good value at just under £1300 in the UK. This includes 4m and 70 cm coverage and DSTAR. I am a little skeptical about the clarity of the LCD touchscreen display.  Other good rigs don't cover 4m or bands above 6m.I am still tempted when I get " released" from my hospital prison. My heart is still in QRP but the Elecraft KX3 is a similar price with  just 8-10W,fewer bands and arguably less well suited to base station digital use. We'll have to see when I get out of my hospital  "prison". I may just buy a second FT817 and another auto ATU. 


Paul Stam PAØK said...

Hi Roger, I read about it, and the IC7100 seems to be a great transceiver. Nevertheless, I am in doubt. But you get a lot for the money, that's for sure. 73 Paul

ken said...

Hi Roger, I once had a QSO with a local amatuer who loaded up his bed springs on topband to talk to me. He did wonder if the fact that his wife was still asleep in it was affecting the tuning! I doubt if your hospital would be too willing to let you do the same, LOL. Let me know if you want a large croc clip!!!
Hey I got WSPR spotted at 724kms on 474khz using my earth rod system, I have some 15ft wire above ground so this may have been more radiated than conducted. Still fun though.
73 Ken May

PastelArtist said...

Hi Roger Keep at it, you are doing very well.You are in the warm, do you realise how and cold miserable it is out here at the moment.

Its been a busy weekend on Sub9Khz, look forward to having you back there soon.
73 Eddie

Roger G3XBM said...

I can't see me buying a 100W radio! I'd like a fully loaded KX3 but these are as much as the IC7100. It may have to be another FT817,HI.