22 Nov 2011

CB interference to the 28MHz band

Interference from CBers on the 28-29.7MHz band is getting worse. I guess they've been there a long time now but with good conditions their presence is more evident. Doesn't seem to cause problems with CW and WSPR operation though. The availability of rigs covering 26-30MHz capable of being easily switched from CB coverage to 10m coverage must be one of the problems and to CB operators the wide open spaces must be attractive. Use it or lose it.


Anonymous said...

Some high speed CW will get them to move back
to 27MHz. I thinks the SSB operators are getting their rigs
out of storage and having a go now conditions are on the up. Is it now legal to use SSB on 27MHz.

takis perreas said...

It is not their fault.
Put the blame to our "radioamateur magazines" who advertise and promote any junk "our radio stores" would like to sell.
Anytone AT-5555 for example.
It even has echo function:(

Nice blog by the way!