22 Nov 2011

28MHz WSPR with 50mW

50mW WSPR Reports 28MHz
It really is too easy now on 28MHz! In just a few minutes, these were the reports when using just 50mW to my small halo antenna. Some reports suggest 1mW would have been enough. I need to build a bigger attenuator.


Dan MD1CLV said...

Nice results! I think adding an attenuator is taking QRP to extremes - though it would be very cool to see just how little power you need to get across the Atlantic


Peter Marks said...

" I need to build a bigger attenuator." - Made me chuckle.

TiƩgui said...

Yeah me too :))) Some others think : I need to build a bigger linear !

Roger I think like you :) HI

73 from Thierry.

P.S : Some tropo today on VHF there was some english stations on french repeaters :)