27 Nov 2011

Busy amateur VLF weekend

G3ZJO's reception of DK7FC on 8.97kHz
Yesterday's test by DK7FC from his fixed location was a resounding success with reception all over Europe by many stations including G3ZJO, G3WCD and G3KEV, and what is believed to be the first transatlantic reception of an amateur VLF signal by a station in the Eastern USA. Results are being checked as I write.

Stefan's ERP was later re-calculated as around 800uW. It is incredible that such a tiny VLF signal can be detected so far away. If confirmed, this certainly heralds the dawn of a new and exciting phase of VLF amateur work. With another 3-6dB ERP, worldwide amateur VLF DX is now a real possibility. Of course such VLF DX reception requires incredible frequency stability, very narrow RX filters and long signal integration times; signals are far too weak to hear.

Also, Marcus DF6NM ran a 8.97kHz test today using a kite antenna. G3ZJO received a good signal in IO92ng 20dB above the noise in 424uHz bandwidth. Marcus was also well received by many other stations across Europe.

In summary, this weekend has been a BUSY one on the Dreamer's Band.

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