29 Oct 2011

CQWW: update on 10m operation

After a few hours of intermittent QRP operation I've plenty of QSOs in the log, many when using just 500mW pep into my halo antenna. Stations have been worked with QRP in 5 continents on 28MHz SSB already. The band is almost filled with stations in a way that I've not heard since the last sunspot peak. If you want to work some QRP SSB DX on the HF bands, especially on 10m, then this weekend is your opportunity.


Anonymous said...

Absolutly right Roger. 10m keeps amazing me.
Yesterday I managed to work Romania YO4REA on 29.570 MHz in FM mode with 10 Watts.
Ron, PA2RF

Anonymous said...

Well the other side of the coin is that the "slopbucket" contesters are now operating in the 10m AM Window and causing QRM to AM activity. Not that I imagine they have any idea (or don't care) what they are doing. Callsigns I've heard of SSB contesters include N0AT & KB1H.

Frankly I'd have thought "Radio Sport" would have some rules - including Radio Referees! Personally I'd like to see points deducted or even disqualification for this type of selfish behaviour.

David, G8JGO.