28 Oct 2011

CQWW SSB Contest this weekend

This weekend it is the BIG contest of the year - the CQ Worldwide DX contest (SSB) which runs all of Saturday and Sunday. Unless the sun plays nasty tricks, all the HF bands will be absolutely humming with SSB activity and for 48 hours the bandplans will be thrown into chaos as SSB stations spread out to find space.  I am not a great contest fan, but I do enjoy this one and, almost without fail, manage to work loads of US states on the higher HF bands despite running 5W pep or less. This year on 28MHz there is a good chance of working some USA stations with 100mW pep or less, especially later in the contest.  Last year I was unable to take part as we were away. This year I have told my wife that I am not available for anything else.

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