5 Sept 2011

More QRPp testing on 137.7682kHz

My QRSS30 137.7682kHz beacon is on until 0800z Tuesday morning sending XBM in QRSS30 with the full call at 10wpm periodically for full ID.  Reports (including no copy) would be much appreciated.  I'm hoping to improve on the recent best DX a few days ago - a report from G3WCB at 101km who got the signal pretty well at times despite the 140uW ERP.


David said...

I missed this session, but I'll gladly listen out for further tests.


Dave - G7UVW

Roger G3XBM said...

Beacon closed at around 0830 on Sept 6th 2011 with just one report from G3WCB again. Now moving on to the WSPR beaconing kit with the hope of increasing ERP by 6dB.