7 Jun 2011

Elector valve radio kit

Not having built valve radios (far too young at 62, HI HI!) my eyes were drawn to the latest offer from Elector magazine for a complete valve radio kit built into a neat wooden case. See https://www.elektor.com/Uploads/2011/6/Valve-Radio-Kit.pdf. This uses a low voltage valve (6J1) in a regenerative design with a transistor audio amp. At around £50 with shipping it is not cheap, but it is a complete kit. For the offer see https://www.elektor.com/extra/valve-radio.1843103.lynkx .


Anonymous said...

I've seen these before. I can't remember the EU company that sells them. The receivers I saw are cased in cardboard that just looks like wood. I think they only cover the MW band. Polyvaricon cap to tune. There is an IC audio amp to drive the speaker (cheezy). The price is outrageous.

You're probably better off buying a $50 Scout Regen kit from qrpkits.com. I think that one is a Kitchen variant. MFJ has some regen kits too - if you're willing to brave the quality. But none of these are tube kits. 73's, David WB4ONA

Anonymous said...

In DL they are sold by Conrad-Elektronik and Franzis:
http://www.franzis.de/elektronik/lernpakete-elektronik/franzis-roehrenradio ,
but in a cardboard-case.

55 and 72 t all,
Wolfgang, DH2WS

Anonymous said...

I attended the National Vintage Communications Fair outside Warwick
England a few years ago. There was a German man and woman selling German Wartime Valve Radios and Bakelite cases. My wife suggested buying some cases and building valve regens inside the cases.
The cases were very cheap at the Time.

Tony G4LLW

Gary - G4WGT. said...

Roger, you have just spurred me to dig out a Stella LW/MW 1960's valve battery portable radio I acquired some while ago for refurbish. It's about time I got the job done. 73 Gary - G4WGT.