3 Nov 2010

UK first transmission on the Dreamer's Band (8.760kHz)

Signal received at 5.1km from home QTH on 8.760kHz VLF
This morning 0915-1115 GMT I transmitted a QRSS3 beacon signal on 8.760kHz under the terms of my NoV recently received.  I think this is a first in the UK, legally at least.

8.76kHz TX
TX was 4W from a TDA2002 audio IC matched into earth electrodes 20m apart. The beacon signal was provided by a K1EL keyer chip and the frequency reference by dividing down an HF crystal by 512 times in a 4060 divider IC. Reception was possible 5.1km away from the transmitter location, detecting the signal with an 80cm loop fed into an E-field probe (Hi-Z input) into Spectran running on a WinXP PC. Best reception was always with the loop flat on the ground suggesting the main mode of propagation is utilities assisted earth mode. Comparing results on 8.76kHz with those at 838Hz earlier in the summer, my first impressions are that signal levels are some 6dB weaker, but more careful tests will be needed.


LY2SS said...

73! de Zilvis, LY2SS

Unknown said...

bravo :))))