5 Nov 2010

How to be stupid ...follow me

Just managed to blow up my 8.76kHz TX by putting the supply the wrong way round: took out the 4060, 5-Vreg and several electrolytics.The TDA2002 was also damaged. Rebuilt the keyer and freq gen part OK but now need to source a new audio PA IC or module. Now I have a reverse protection diode across the pins! You learn the hard way.

In the meantime I may try even lower power with my trusty 2N3904/3906 1W PA and see if this can be seen at the NT carpark (1.5km) and at Lord's Ground Farm (5.1km). Also, as this PA is efficient and runs cold for ever I could try 1 day on, 1 day off, QRSSSSS and see if more distant people could copy it using very narrow bandwidth reception as per DK7FC's tests.

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