19 Oct 2010

Holiday in South Africa - just back

No posts here for the last few weeks as my wife and I had been on holiday in South Africa. It was an amazing holiday organised by Saga and we saw some fantastic places, people and animals. Saga organise holidays for the over-50s and we were not sure what to expect, but the hotels, food, transport, and everything well exceeded expectations and the group we were with was a real mix of interesting people. The whole experience was something to feed on for years to come. For example, seeing the "Big 5" wild animals (and many more) in the Kruger National Park, seeing no less than 6 southern right whales at one spot from the shore near Cape Town and getting to within a couple of metres of wild penguins on a beach near Simonstown. Also, seeing the highlands of Lesotho where people still live a subsistence existence in huts made of dung, straw and sand without electricity and the basics we take for granted.


Paul Stam PAØK said...

Hello Roger, welcome back, I see you had a good time. 73 Paul

VE9KK said...

Good morning Roger, I work with someone from South Africa and he always talks of it's beauty.