28 Oct 2010

First "Dreamers Band" UK test next week

As is required by my NoV, I asked the Met Office for permission to transmit in the 8.7 - 9.1kHz band next week Tuesday to Friday 0800-1800 GMT and they've confirmed it's OK.

My initial tests will be a repeat of the earth-mode tests done at 838Hz earlier in the summer using the same kit  with 4W to 20m spaced earth electrodes. I'll also test with the 70m sq wire loop antenna used for 136 and 500kHz. The most likely TX frequency will be 8.750kHz (4.480MHz xtal divided by 512). I'll find a means of getting on 8.970kHz later. Modes will be 12wpm CW and QRSS3 initially.

These local tests are not in the same league at all as DK7FC's and I'm only expecting a few kilometres at best. However, it is a start and it allows me to test TX and RX equipment and different PC packages.

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Michael, AA1TJ said...

"Dreamer's Band;" I love it :o)

Good luck, Roger!