25 Sept 2010

6th unique WSPR reporter on 137kHz

This autumn is beginning to look a bit like last year when I was taking my first tentative steps on 500kHz WSPR: each week would land me a few new reports from more distant stations. This autumn my challenge is 137kHz WSPR and so far I've been copied by 6 different stations: G6ALB, G3XIZ, G3XVL, G3WCD, G3YXM and, this evening, M0FMT. Best DX remains G3YXM at 148km. Not bad for a true QRP station with less than 5W from the PA and less than 20uW ERP with the transverter just a breadboard on the desk and the ATU sitting on the bedroom table.

Also today I copied G8IMR, Andy Talbot's QRP beacon from Southampton on 137.530kHz.

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