19 Dec 2009

Climate change: Copenhagen fudge and disappointment

The climate change summit ended in a mess with nothing much of substance coming out of it. Let us hope that a legal binding international agreement can be forged next year, although I have my doubts. The full text of the agreement (can you call it that even?) is available for view.

Whatever your views on the reasons for  rising global temperatures, and the scientific evidence for man's influence on this is now overwhelming, we do need to take steps to put the breaks on further rises. My biggest worry is the risk of the tundra's permafrost melting releasing huge quantities of methane. This would make the CO2 problem seem like a walk in the park. If this happens we could be looking at human life in deep deep crisis. We MUST, and can, take steps to avoid this if the data is made clear to people and we take collective action.


Dick said...

No comment except to fully agree.

Unknown said...

What Copenhagen demonstrates is the impossibility of getting turkeys to vote for Christmas. Some comfortably off Westerners may agree to make sacrifices in the name of "saving the planet" but no scientific evidence on earth is going to persude the inhabitants of developing nations to give up their chance of a more comfortable life, and many of us are also reluctant to make sacrifices when there are still many scientists who claim the "evidence" has been cherry picked and the conclusions are wrong. How do you convince people when even scientists can't agree on the issue?

It's human nature that people will put their own self interest first, especially when doomsday is predicted to occur long after they are dead and gone. I'm not saying it's right, that's just how it is and there's nothing anyone can do about it. How many more pointless exercises like Copenhagen will there be before political leaders get the message?

Investment101 said...

I have to say that, the recent research and figures given to us by the ERBS satellite pretty much blows the whole global warming scam out of the water. Along with the Climategate emails (which I have read most of), and the fact the planet has been cooling for the last decade...I have got my views from raw data and research not agenda fuelled propaganda, like most.

Google "The Great Global Warming Swindle" a bbc 2007 production.

Alas, the poor leaders that attended the Copenhagen summit will have to go back home to their 20 room mansions with heated swimming pools, in their limos and private jets in the knowledge that all the investments in Carbon trading companies that they've made is going to make them multi-billionaires. But not all is lost, as the real reason they were there wasn't to discuss CO2, as they don't care about it - bar their investments. It was all about setting up the foundations of world governance and the beginnings of a one world bureaucracy - which happened.

I almost cry at night thinking about how utterly naive and woefully ignorant people are about the real facts of the world. CO2 makes up 4% of greenhouse gases, of that 4% in between 1-9% of that is from man (maybe less that 1%). CO2 is also a needed gas, it's a gas of life. Taxing CO2 is a tax on life itself and a tax on economic development. More people are going to die from this proposed agenda than if nothing was done atall.

Roger G3XBM said...

With respect, recheck the scientific evidence which makes it overwhelmingly clear that man's influence on recent climate change is significant.

The evidence does need to be more clearly presented. Most humans are NOT turkeys and public opinion will change, and quite quickly, especially when people see that there are advantages in a lower carbon, sustainable, economy not dependant on dodgy Middle Eastern undemocratic states.

Investment101 said...

Recheck the data that's been tampered with and changed by the IPCC scientists? Like I said, I've read and analysed the raw data. Watch that bbc documentary I talked about in my last post.

Investment101 said...

Here it is.