1 Jul 2009

SixBox 6m AM QRP rig now boxed

Today I complete this project and put the 50mW AM transceiver into a small diecast aluminium box. Using a 9V battery inside the box the rig puts out about 20mW. From an external supply it is about 50mW. The polyvaricon tuning capacitor works very well and the RX tunes from around 45MHz to 70MHz. Already it has been useful as an indicator of Band 1 activity.

Overall, I am pleased with this little transceiver. It was all done with the most basic of test equipment and is a circuit that should be easy to copy. Now to try to get some local 6m AM activity going! It would be very nice to make a PCB for this project. I'm thinking about it....

My next project is either the long intended 10m DSB rig or a DSB version of this 6m AM rig. However, to be useful this would need VXO control and a 3rd overtone xtal will not pull very far.


Mads said...
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Mads said...

Nice work, Roger!

If you decide to build the 10 DSB rig I would be very interested in the result as I hope to build one myself one day. At the moment I consider myself more like a kit builder but would like to advance to homebrewer.


BTW: I had to remove my first comment and post an new one because there is no Edit button