10 Dec 2008

UK price rises - Yaesu and Icom rigs

Have you noticed that prices of the Yaesu FT817 and Icom IC703 have been significantly increased by at least one of the big UK suppliers in the last few days?

With the falling pound I can understand margins being squeezed more than before but surely, with a VAT reduction and with Christmas coming, this must be the most stupid piece of marketing yet.

Later comment: Several people have explained to me that the yen/pound exchange has significantly worsened so there is probably little the dealers could do but pass on a major part of their price increase on goods from Japan. I also see that most dealers are now holding the old prices on goods in stock as well as offering some good trade-in deals.

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Anonymous said...

Here in the States the prices on these rigs has actually been coming down in the last few weeks.
This is simply because of the state of our American economy, I'm sure! Some of the larger stateside radio dealers are offering good price cuts (coupons, add-ons, etc.)in order to sell more of these rigs. I don't know how it is in the U.K. but here at home everyone knows that money is tight indeed!