21 Oct 2008

500kHz band QRP QSO tonight

This evening I made my very first QSO transmitting on 502kHz with my NoV. My TX was unusual: an old Farnell LFM4 audio/LF generator tuned to 502kHz putting out just 20mW with a morse key in the RF output lead then crudely matched with a ferrite rod matching network to my 15m long end-fed wire and central heating ground.

Only a few microwatts would have been radiated but 2 miles away the signal was copied weakly, but solidly, by M0BXT. My signal was slightly chirpy. Listening to the signal on our 50.55MHz talkback link it sounded a decent, solid, signal.

A small 501kHz 1W output transmitter simply matched (i.e. no huge low loss coils wound on dustbins!) to even a short length of wire inconspicuously strung down the garden is likely to give quite solid contacts on normal speed CW out to several miles. Using modes like QRSS there is no doubt that such a (low tech) station and antenna would be able to span much greater distances.

Incidentally, the SK6RUD beacon on 500.3kHz was a good signal this evening.


Anonymous said...

600 meters has had excellent propagation the past few days & nights so your QRP signal just might be good enough to get into EU. Maybe ask Hartmut if he would listen. He has a very good RX setup. Seems to hear most anyone on 600, 1750 or 2200 meters.

WD2XSH/16 on 600m

Anonymous said...

Dear Roger,

Very nice and congratulations!

Hope can hear your LW signal in shanghai China!

GL 73!

Anihc Jiang