22 Oct 2008

500kHz band - my plans

As I've a very small garden and don't like antenna "monsters" which upset neighbours, I'd like to see what results can be achieved on 500kHz with my 15m long wire and a few watts of RF applied to it. So, my next project is a VFO controlled 500kHz TX running a few watts and a simple 500kHz ATU. If I can work 30 miles or so I'd be thrilled to bits.

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Anonymous said...

Hi from PY4LC, in Brazil.
Well, if you have a 15m tall VERTICAL, with a suitable coil at the bottom and a number of radials, with few watts (CW) it is possible to reach up to 300km distant stations (ground waves).
We, in my country, are trying to get a licence for that band operation.
I don't know whether you already know it, but, if not, try the site www.500kc.com, as it it the richest site on info about the subject.
Good luck,

Luiz - PY4LC/PY1LL