19 May 2008

The simplest possible QRP transceiver?

What do you think is the simplest possible QRP transceiver? The Pixie or Micro80? Have you built a functional transceiver with even fewer parts than these famous QRP radios? If so, post a link. I believe it should be possible to make a transceiver with fewer than 20 parts in total.,

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Giovanni said...

Hi Roger
Keep it coming. You never know who'll find you via Google.

Anyway, an idea for keeping the parts count down in a QRP DSB rig (and probably help in CW) is the TDA2822. It's a tiny (8pin) dual audio power amp - like 2xLM386 needing from memory only the output capacitor, and if you need lots of output you can bridge the amps (sort of like push-pull) to give quite respectable volume from 2xAA batteries.

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