24 Apr 2024

Low cost QRP SDR transceiver

Yet again, I am puzzled how they do this for the price. 

Just over £193 pays for a 5W all mode SDR transceiver. You pay a little more for shipping. This is a lot less than an equivalent Japanese transceiver.

There is a shake-out coming. Expect the Japanese to be facing stiff competition from low cost manufacturers. 

China may not be the source in the future as Chinese wages creep up and costs become higher. Canny manufacturers will be on the look-out for countries that can make things for less.

Once again this is via AliExpress.


Anonymous said...

Bowl of rice wages, is the answer. Don't forget VAT is to be added at the final total up on AliExpress.

73's Steve

John AE5X said...

You're about a year behind... maybe 2 years.