26 Feb 2024


At the moment I am undecided what to do about my 8m TX permit. 

If I want to get a permit after April, it costs me £50 per year. Running 10mW ERP WSPR under ISM rules would be free. From an experimental viewpoint running QRPP WSPR, although much harder, would be a better experiment. I am appalled that OFCOM and the RSGB seem uninterested in genuine research unless I pay!

At the moment, my inclination is to TX 10mW WSPR without a permit.

My antenna wants renewing, as I currently have a high SWR.

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Anonymous said...

50 Quid is 3 Quansheng UV-K5 rigs (capable of SSB/ FN and Multiple frequencies well over 1GHz after a firmware update reflash)

or 3 Baofeng UV-5R good old stable rigs..

I would keep to the ISM idea, and save your pension for a nice meal and a bottle of wine..

73's Steve