27 May 2023

QDX transceiver

This is a tiny, digital only, HF transceiver that may be used with free software like WSJT-X or JTDX.  It is available in a version for the lower HF bands or 20-10m. Most people buy it as a kit, but I bought mine ready-made as my soldering skills are poor these days. Years ago my fine motor skills were very good. My wife once said that I could write the Lord's Prayer on a postage stamp. She was probably right!

It produces 5W and is very small.

With the popularity of digital modes, this is all most people really need. It works extremely well. Hans makes some excellent pieces of kit.

Mine is regularly copied all across the world on a very basic antenna.

See https://qrp-labs.com/qdx.html .


Peter Marks said...

Roger, I can't agree with you more. I run a QDX on WSPR and my feeling is that for its power it is decoded much more than a sideband transmitter is on the same power. I think it's because of the purity of the QDX's output.
Rather than mixing the incoming tone up to RF, Hans measures the frequency by timing zero crossings and then sets the oscillator to that frequency + transmit frequency.
The receiver is also excellent.
This morning, at about 5am local time, a single 2 minute WSPR transmission from mine on 20m received 105 spots.
Peter VK3TPM

NN4DX said...

I bought one built. It takes a while to get it but it is well worth it. Using it for POTA in the States. Great fun. Worked Bulgaria with it using end-fed half-wave on 20M. Going to use it for June Field Day for QRP, battery powered. Enjoy the radio. It is great.