19 Mar 2023

10m FT8 (Sunday)

At 0945z, I turned on my 10m FT8 using the FT-710. So far, spotted by 9 stations and I have spotted 43 stations after just 5 minutes.

Stations spotting me
on 10m FT8 TX
(8W) late morning
UPDATE 1342z: 230 stations have spotted my 8W 10m FT8 TX today (see map). On 10m FT8 RX 698 stations spotted.

UPDATE 1725z:  688 stations have spotted my 8W 10m FT8 today and 1485 stations spotted here. I have not seen 10m this good for many years.

UPDATE 2055z:  1909 stations have been spotted and 817 stations have spotted me today on 10m FT8 with 8W. 

UPDATE 2110z:  QRT.


Karen, RA3APW said...

Hello Roger. Tried to call you today on 10 m FT8 but without luck.
Your FT8 signal level was in Moscow about -15 ... -20 dB. May be next time...
73 de Karen, ra3apw

Roger G3XBM said...

Good to hear from you Karen. It has been many years!

Karen, RA3APW said...

Hello Roger,

glad to hear from you. A lot of changes for last 5 years including in our S....a house. Many new people in the team.

How is your health?

I continue to be active in QO-100 ground station design. After classical up-converter I moved to SDR solution in 2021 and now make the forth version of SDR station for Pluto.
More details you can found here:
I hope Google translator should help...

73 de Karen, ra3apw

Roger G3XBM said...

Hi Karen - no real change in health. I still feel very giddy, and my voice is poor and still keep busy with experiments I can do from home. I hold one of the few 8m (40 MHz) UK permits. Excellent on your continued experiments - you always were working at the boundaries of technology!! I write the occasional article for ham magazines. 73s Roger G3XBM

Karen, RA3APW said...

Hi Roger,

a few years ago my friend had similar heart problems like yours but after the stroke he was able to gradually recover. I believed that you can get better, sorry.

As for your new license for 40 MHz it is very interesting, we now do not have such a frequency band. The band 38-40 MHz was available in the USSR for a short time from 1955 to 1959 and then radio amateurs was allocated to 28.0-29.7 MHz in 1959.

If I can help you with something please tell me. At least to make QO-100 kit is not at all difficult.

I shake your hand with wishes for improving health.

73 de Karen, ra3apw