25 Jan 2023

Ukraine war - NOT amateur radio

The war in Ukraine is almost 1 year old. What a total waste of everything! 

I hear now that Germany and the USA are sending tanks. I am sure we in the west, as well as people in Russia, are not being told the whole truth. This often happens in wars.

Russia is paranoid about its security, but at the same time invading a neighbouring country is not the answer. More countries (Finland and Sweden) want to join NATO. If these countries were attacked or any NATO country, the reaction would be devastating.

In the end I very much hope some sort of peace can be found. It seems to me that the elements of this must include:

  • No nation to be invaded by neighbours.
  • Russia gets guarantees that nobody ever intends to invade it.
  • Sweden, Finland and Ukraine do not join NATO but have their security guaranteed by NATO.
  • Russia has access to Crimean ports for its Navy. 
  • Sanctions are lifted with guarantees of good conduct after a fixed period.
  • Both Ukraine and Russia do not apply war crimes against each other.
All conflicts are resolved in the end, usually with some degree of compromise by warring parties. This is  stupid waste of lives and property. The sooner everyone tells the whole truth the better.

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