30 Jan 2023

High office - NOT amateur radio

There has been a lot in the UK media about people in high office "falling from grace". 

Now, we all have faults and are all far from perfect. After all, we are just humans. 

However, those in high office are bound to come under close scrutiny. It is important that those in high office (e.g. in government) are of the highest standards. It is not wrong for folk to be good business people. If they get rich because of their own business acumen I have no issues as long as nobody was "trodden on" on their journey. 

What I deeply have a problem with is people who are not honourable and not honest. People who govern us must be of the highest moral standards and above reproach. If they are not, they will be judged. 

Recently we have had several in the UK government that have not been above reproach. They have only themselves to blame.

I am not after perfection, just honesty.

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