27 Nov 2022

Thoughts on infinity - NOT amateur radio

We live in a universe that is huge. Some think there may be a number of universes.

Just for a moment ponder these thoughts:

  • What if there is an infinite number of universes? 
  • What if everything actually happened?  What I mean is that you decided to go on a certain path in life, but there were other choices you could have taken,
  • What if in reality all choices made really were made? What I mean is did all paths really get followed, but we are only aware of one?
  • What if time is totally an illusion? Maybe we think of us on a path from past into the future, but perhaps every experience is really "now".

We do not have the answers, but we know that we can know so very little. I have the feeling reality is quite different from what we think today.

We find infinities hard to accept.

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