26 Nov 2022

May I operate 8m beacons legally in the UK without a licence?

Since receiving an email from OFCOM in the UK, I have reread the essential requirements shown in https://www.legislation.gov.uk/uksi/2017/1206/pdfs/uksi_20171206_en.pdf written in 2017. 

"Nothing in these Regulations prevents the putting into service and use of radio equipment in the United Kingdom which is in conformity with these Regulations when the radio equipment is properly installed, maintained and used for its intended purpose."

Although if anyone intends to put a product on the market later, there are some onerous requirements including on record keeping, I can see nothing that prevents beacon operation at 10mW ERP without a licence in the UK as long as the essential requirements in the above document and interface requirement IR 2030 are met.   Now, I am no legal expert, but if it is there at all, I can personally see nothing at all that prevents us in the UK using the 8m ISM band without a licence at 10mW ERP for beacons.   Clearly with QRPP beacons we have no intention of putting a product on the market later.

My own personal view is I very much doubt OFCOM really cares!!

As always, I stand to be corrected.


PE4BAS, Bas said...

Hello Roger, just an answer/question on your previous answer at my comment. Is the IR2030 international and valid in the Netherlands as well? I don't really think the Dutch Telecom Authorities (Agentschap Telecom) will care either. But we should not think like that. We should know 100% if something is legal or not. That counts for every experimenter in this hobby. And because we like to write about it on our blogs we can't keep it a secret. We can't use our legal HF/VHF/UHF sets outside the legal amateurradio bands over here in the Netherlands as far as I know. However if IR2030 is for the Netherlands as well I can try and convince with another e-mail to the Dutch Telecom authorities. 73, Bas

Roger G3XBM said...

IR2030 is an OFCOM (UK) document, but I am sure there must be a similar document in the EU. I agree with you that a 100% certain ruling about legality would be better. In the UK I get the feeling OFCOM would prefer not to be asked and instead prefers to point us to legislation. If you can find an EU document about ISM use, that would be good. 73s Roger G3XBM.