30 Nov 2022

Are we a nanny state? -- NOT amateur radio

Recently a Buckingham Palace official repeatedly asked someone who had black skin where she was originally from. Apparently she (stupidly) asked her many times. This was totally wrong and she should have known better.

What is at the heart of this is, "is the royal family institutionally racist?".  From this incident it is hard to know. One thing is certain. This official was very wrong and did the royal family no favours at all. 

What I question is whether or not we overreact generally.

In my view, racism has no place. Whether you are black, white, grey or green, or gay, lesbian, transgender absolutely matters not at all. What matters is are the people happy?

Years ago, a friend at work went on holiday as a man. Several weeks later she came back as a women. What was the reaction? Nothing!  People were more concerned about her happiness and was she able to do her work OK. In my view this is the only thing that matters - is the person happy?

There is a danger that we take things too seriously, but we have to treat everyone with respect. If the royal family does not get this, they are in real danger.

See https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-63810468 .

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